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2020 Gospel Lyrics

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Opomulero ~ Frank Edwards

Instrumentals… Solo 1Elewi eleseElese elewiYou alone deserve all my praiseMo juba re daddy mi oIwo lolufe okan mi oIwo ni ma sinOh oh oh!I call you holy holyYou’re the most high God Chorus:Call: OpomuleroResp: OpomuleroCall:

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Aye ~ Excellent Morgan

When I think about the things you’ve doneIn my lifeIt gat me going likeAye! Aye!Aye! Aye!Aye! Aye!How you brought me out of miry claySet my feet upon the rock to stayAye! Aye!Aye! Aye!Aye! Aye! Mideroro oboramrene ogheneru

Full Lyrics | ME ~ Frank Edwards

Solo 1 Time is running out right nowThe ones who believe seem like they don’tThe world is breaking up right nowPeople of the world crying outSaying where do we goBrothers killing brothersNations fighting nationsThe ones who used to call