Son of God – Paulprince Ayo Lyrics


This is the man I’ve become
I live by His grace and not by my income
I’m the son of a king why should I settle for less when I’m the son of God
I will boast in the lord I’ll be priding
I’m the son of a king by His grace now I’m Kinging
What manner of love is this for a man to shed His blood for His friends and family
Emini son of God kilefe kperayin gan
Oya eso’ro na abi kilo sele sele gan gan
Make up the sound like a gun gun
Jesus is coming Tho Tho he’s long gone

The question is u ready or not
Dust of your clothes brethren wake up

I welcome y’all to my resident
God himself is my president
Can’t you see His presence is evident
Christians are supposed to live live fearless
I’m the son of God it’s my inheritance
Receive your blessings in abundance
When the spirit of the lord comes upon us we will dance like David danced
Jesus I love you all I have is thine
Yours I wanna be till the day that I die
Do with me whatever you will
I’m done with driving my life Jesus Christ please take the wheel
Afe lo terrorize awon ika plz where is my battleship
All I need to do is go down and do the Holy holy worship

Back to chorus…


Wisdom we ain’t lacking
Goodness and mercy shall follow we
All the days of our life and still counting
Forever & ever till eternity
This is the life I chose to live
For those who couldn’t stay & fight they chose to live
I’m standing on His promises
Cost one thing is sure He won’t fail me
Emini son of God eyin ni daughter of Zion 2X
We living so fearless we as bold as lion
Any body to fe try wa e so fun wan they’re welcome
We here to change the game
We all come in Jesus name
For those who want receive grace
Cos its sufficient to run the race

Where u gon spend ur eternity
In hellfire or in the heavenly
I’m talking to you brother plz tell me
Plz tell me…. Are u a son Of God? Now now now
You wanna spend eternity with God or d devil
Follow Good not evil
You can be a son of God now
Ki lo need
Ki lo fe
His presence is every where
Whenever your pray he’s gon hear
His gonna listen he ain’t deaf

Son of God
We are the Sons Of God

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