Igi Araba (Say your name) Lyrics – By Cerulean

Say your name- 4x
Baba mi father mi- 2x
Ni igi araba hummn
Igi araba

Verse one
My God is not a villain but he can turn you to a fanatic
He can get you running like a freak and get you shaking like a leaf
He is terrific you don’t want to brag, ah majestic you don’t want to try
He gave me the supernatural I’m empowered, I’m soaring now on eagle’s wings

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Oyigiyigi Awamaridi oba to ga
Atofarati eleru niyin
Atofaratifi Ale Wile se

Lord you are bigger bigger than the world’s greatest heavy weight
You are stronger stronger than the world’s strongest delegate
You are wiser wiser than the world’s brightest emirate
you are brighter brighter than the world In aggregate

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I’m gonna
say your name-6x
Jesus is Lord
say your name say your name, Igi araba
Iwo nikan ni Igi araba hummn
Igi araba

Verse Two
You are the mighty oak and mighty trunk and I will
hold to you in the storm

He can get you running on the edge, his promise
doesn’t never fail
He has promise he will never leave, stand by you
through the fire and the storm
The mountain may quake and the earth wiil pass on but
my God remains the same

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Catch Two
Baba mi father mi ni i Igi araba
Opomulero ni baba Igi araba
Oga ju aye lo Igi Araba
Oga ju Ile lo Igi Araba
Kabiyesire oba Igbala
kabiyesire oba I gbala
Okuta idigbo – okuta idigbo
Come on now

Why dont you set it on, set it up, let the spirit take over
Don’t look to the right or left, just buggie down
It’s only by his grace that we are here today

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He has set my feet on the rock and we are working on
Though the gravity is pulling me, you make me Levitate

I’m gonna
say your name – 6x Jesus is Lord
I’m gonna say your name, say your name, say your
name say your name Say your name…

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