Royrex – Mic Eater Lyrics

[Intro 1] Yeah, real, yeah, woah
Now or never, yeah, yeah
Real, yeah
Yeah, you know the only thing i’d be is a Mic Eater right?
*chuckles* yeah, yeah, hmmhh

[Verse 1] They probably know that I’m the 5 Boy
I don’t even need a mascot
I’m addicted to the groundnut
I’m Christian Bale in the lambo
Enemies cuz I’m chasing dream
And I’m just riding round in my toys
Friends of mine be deceiving me
Cuz I’m steady sitting at the mount top, woah

[Intro 2] Yeah, yeah you know the only thing I’d be is a Mic Eater right?
Yeah, yeah, woah

[Verse 2] Yeah I’m finna go crazy on this right now
Everyday, people trynna fight me
God is telling me to stand down
He said guns don’t kill people
People kill people, when they pau pau loud
When they shoot out
I’ma be the man in the game
I would never go down
Oh Lord, I’ll be doing the most
With your Spirit mehn you know I’m a ghost
I’ll be taking out freaking defenders
Trynna stop me from tearing the post
I’ll be feeling like I’m Michael Jordan mehn
45 on the back of the jersey
Mehn I’ll be Lebroning on ’em mehn
Feeling like Steph Curry killin’ all the James
Oh God, yeah this haters are lame
I don’t eat mics for the money or fame
But if you giving it to me
Oh Lord, mehn tell a brother I would take

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[Brigde] Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord mehn
I just wanna put a bullet in
The head of the man I’m not becoming, woah
Oh my God, Oh my God
I’ll be eating all the mics
Ain’t enough, ain’t enough
Does any rapper wanna dance? Yeah

[Rap] I’ma keep on doing rap till I feel it’s out of fun
Lots of people saying I been using jazz
Mehn I’ll be coming with the funk
I told my dad I wanna rap
He told me son I’ve got your back
That is something people never told me in the game
All they did was tell me lies
The industry be cold as ice
Damn, mehn
I’ma make you humble
I’ma stop the mumble
I’ma make you quit rapping for the paper
I’ma make you freaking give your life to Jesus
I’ma make you be brother’s brothers
And your neighbours lovers
I’ma make you love your neighbours
I’ma make you do a lot of things that you’ve always wanted
And you’d give the glory to the righteous Father mehn
I’ma keep on repping
I’m a Christian Rapper
I’ma be the man curtailing my demeanour
I’ma be the underdog
Never put me in a box, woah, yeah
I’m a go-getter
God made me better
Rapping in my sweater
Shout out to my jiggers
Shout out to my brother NV
Shout out to my sister Amah
We be grindin’ in the family
We be doing lot ‘o things, putting God first
Mehn they said we’d never make it
Mehn they said we’d never take it
I believe in God not in y’all mehn
You know that it’s real

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