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An inspired singer, Charly-C, releases his new single titled “Standing Strong,” in which he admonishes the church of God to stand strong, remain focus and united in this trying times.

After quoting a verse in the book of Mathew 16:18 “Upon this rock i will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” He said that there is an assurance from God that the church of God will ever stand strong in the midst of the storm. Yes, challenges & difficult situations may arise as the devil is the ruler of the world, but we must join hands together as one body in Christ, remain immovable and love one another irrespective of our denomination. We are the Assemblies, We carry the presence of God and ”Our Assemblies will never fall”.

Charly-C was inspired to put together his new single titled ”Standing Strong” to promote unity in the church of God regardless of the fuss and differences. He also said “United We Conquer, Divided We Crumble”. Enjoy the song and digest the lyrics below, As we get prepared to stand strong as a church and remember also to download the song.

DOWNLOAD Music: Daniel – Glory (Prod. By Johnny Drille)

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