Lyrics: You Are by Dafidi

You Are Lyrics By: Dafidi

Verse 1
Through the trials and the pain
Through the shame and the aches
I will sing of your praise oh God
N’igba  iponju (tribulations)
N’igba  iyan (famine)
You alone will be my God
Ogo fun oruko re
Ola fun oruko re

you are /2ce
Mighty God you are

Verse 2
Yes!  I crown you king of kings
And forever I will sing your praise
You be baba, you never change
I will praise you forever more
Ogo fun oruko re
Ola fun oruko re

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Repeat Chorus

you are holy
Strong and mighty
Non can compare to you
Awesome in splendor
Reigneth forever
Oba l’ori aye
I worship you

Repeat Chorus


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