Worship And Miracles 2016 | 28th September, 2016 [@wamlagos]

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“Worship and Miracles, is a non-denominational programme put together by a group of God lovers with the sole purpose of demonstrating the healing power of Jesus through the ministry of musical worship. It is also aimed at
veering the focus of people lost to the trivialities of life back to Jesus. We believe that when Christ is the ultimate focus in worship, He reveals himself and shows up with the glory of His presence; creating an atmosphere for miracles and the supernatural to occur.

By focusing on Him Peter was able to walk on water. The affliction that came on the Israelite in the wilderness ceased the moment they lifted up their eyes to Him. As we look to Him we are changed into the glory of His revealed presence.


This event is scheduled to hold on the 28th of September, 2016 by 5pm at Unilag Staff School in Lagos, Nigeria and hosted by Paul Linus.

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