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DCLM Daily Manna 20 November 2022 — The Father’s Love

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DCLM Daily Manna 20 November 2022 Devotional by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi — The Father’s Love

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TOPIC: The Father’s Love (DCLM Daily Manna 20 November 2022)

TEXT: Hosea 11:1-11 (KJV)

1 When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.

2 As they called them, so they went from them: they sacrificed unto Baalim, and burned incense to graven images.

3 I taught Ephraim also to go, taking them by their arms; but they knew not that I healed them.

4 I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love: and I was to them as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and I laid meat unto them.

5 He shall not return into the land of Egypt, and the Assyrian shall be his king, because they refused to return.

6 And the sword shall abide on his cities, and shall consume his branches, and devour them, because of their own counsels.

7 And my people are bent to backsliding from me: though they called them to the most High, none at all would exalt him.

8 How shall I give thee up, Ephraim? how shall I deliver thee, Israel? how shall I make thee as Admah? how shall I set thee as Zeboim? mine heart is turned within me, my repentings are kindled together.

9 I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger, I will not return to destroy Ephraim: for I am God, and not man; the Holy One in the midst of thee: and I will not enter into the city.

10 They shall walk after the Lord: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west.

11 They shall tremble as a bird out of Egypt, and as a dove out of the land of Assyria: and I will place them in their houses, saith the Lord.

KEY VERSE: “When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt. I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love: and I was to them as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and I laid meat unto them” (Hosea 11:1, 4).

DCLM Daily Manna For Today MESSAGE:

In March 2002, a Norwegian cruise ship’s captain exhibited a rare concern for a 24-year old crew member who fell overboard into the Atlantic Ocean one evening. The ship with over 1,000 passengers aboard was on its way to St. Martin Island in the Caribbean. The crew only discovered, four hours later, that the lady was missing when she did not show up for a late roll call. The captain decided to turn back in search of her body, as against other passengers’ wish. After over four hours of backtracking their path, a passenger amongst those gathered on the deck, caught a glimpse of her and she was still alive. She had treaded the water for 10 hours, without any inclination that the ship would return to look for her.

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The captain’s concern for the lady illustrates God’s fatherly love for Israel. He brought them out of Egypt, yet they soon turned away from Him, to idols. Notwithstanding, God would not leave them alone. Sometimes, He disciplined them, drawing them “with cords of a man”, but always never cut His bands of love from them. Yet they would not relent in their tendency to pull away from Him.

Many people are unaware of the extent of God’s care for them. They trifle with His provision of their every day needs and they never lack any real good thing, yet they do not ascribe any of these to Him.

If you know how much God loves you, you will not dare to remain far from Him. All the provisions that you enjoy are His way of seeking to catch your attention, so you can reciprocate His love. Sometimes, He allows you to go through pain and suffering with the hope that this too would draw you back to Him. Even when you give up on yourself, God never gives up on you. To remain in your recalcitrance is to prolong your suffering and pain, but when you return to Him in repentance, you will suddenly discover that His love is ever available to receive and keep you.

Even when you give up on yourself, God never gives up on you.

2 Kings 18-19

DCLM Daily Manna was written by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi; is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church situated at KM 42 on the busy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria.

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