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Cup Of Faith Daily Devotional 1 November 2022 – Seven Keys To A Great Harvest Of Blessing

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Yaba Baptist Church: Cup Of Faith Daily Devotional 1 November 2022 – Seven Keys To A Great Harvest Of Blessing

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TOPIC: Seven Keys To A Great Harvest Of Blessing

Bible Text: “Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” – John 4:35

Let me begin by saying that when the proper seed is planted in proper ground and under proper conditions, the result is always a proper harvest. Harvest is defined as the gathering in of a crop, a time of the year when mature grains, fruits, vegetables, and the likes are reaped and gathered. Harvest comes only after sowing. However, we need to understand that the harvest is always more plentiful than the seed sown. It is possible to count the number of seeds in an apple, however, it is impossible to count the number of apples in a seed.

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There are seven keys to a harvest of blessings. The first key is the seed. Without the seed there can be no harvest. The reason is because it is the seed that produces fruits.
The second key is the season. Harvests can only be done during the harvest season when the crop is ready and ripe for reaping. If the crop is not harvested during the harvest time the entire crop will be ruined. On the other hand, if the crop is harvested before the harvest season, it will be useless because it will be too unripe to be eaten.

The third key to the harvest is the servants. During harvest time there is a great need for servants. No one should be idle during harvest time. The fourth is the soil. Seed sown by the wayside or among thorns or among rocky soil will fail to yield fruit. Only seed sown on good ground will bring forth fruit 30-fold, 60-fold and a 100-fold. Willingness to sacrifice is the fifth key to a great harvest of blessing. God’s people should be willing to sacrifice their time, energy, talent, money, pleasures and comforts to bring in the harvest.

The sixth key to the harvest is the showers. Rain is indispensable for the harvest. This is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. All our efforts and labor must be undergirded by the move of the Holy Spirit. According to Zechariah 4:6, without the Spirit of God, all human efforts is in vain. The seventh key to the harvest is the sure hope and confidence. Believers are encouraged to hope in God and put their confidence in Him for an abundant harvest. All our labor must be undertaken with the firm assurance that God will bless our efforts and we will surely reap in abundance.

Beloved of God, this month promises abundant life, unlimited riches and hidden treasures in Christ for everyone who believes. You can plunge into God’s inexhaustible storehouse and receive His blessings. God is prepared to bless, but you must be prepared to receive.
Put action behind your prayers. Do something to get some seed into the ground you desire. Don’t live to get but live to give.


I pray for you today:

  1. May you be blessed and enriched in the name of Jesus.
  2. Your seed will not corrupt.
  3. Your ground will not become barren.
  4. In the time of harvest, you will not be put to shame.
  5. According to Psalm 36:8, you will be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of God’s house and drink of the river of His pleasures.

So shall it be in Jesus name. Amen

Do have a blessed day.


Yours in Christ,
Revd Dr. Bayo Sola Aremu
Church pastor
Yaba Baptist Church
Sabo-Yaba, Lagos

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