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Inside The Cage Of Lying Prophets By Dr. D.K Olukoya


Inside The Cage Of Lying Prophets By Dr. D.K Olukoya

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Listen to this message very very carefully. The Bible warns us seriously about the rage of false prophets and more than at any other time now in the history of fake prophets, there are more false prophets now. Many of them are on television, on the streets, some are distributing fliers. And by the time you call a man and ask him “you say you are a pastor, or prophet or Apostle?” And he says “yes”, and you ask him “who is your father in the Lord?”

And he cannot point to anybody. “What church do you attend? Have you ever attended Sunday school?” And he cannot answer. “Who taught you the Bible?” No answer. “Can you tell us one of your teachers so that we can go back and ask for your character?”

No answer. He just appeared, and he is just preaching. When you see those kind of people, you are looking at a false prophet; because without a father you have no feather to fly.

So when somebody cannot tell you the church he got born again, he cannot describe to you his salvation experience, he cannot talk to you about sanctification, he does not know much about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but he is working miracles, things are happening, you are looking at a false prophet, and people are listening to him. As I am talking to you this morning, I am pained in my heart at so many useful lives that have been destroyed by false prophets. So many people now that are groping in darkness now have passed through the cage of false prophets.

Some are still even in the cage of false prophets now as we speak. I feel so sorry for those people who are still rushing from mountain to mountain, valley to valley, prophet to prophet.

May you not carry evil luggage, in the name of Jesus.

When you are too lazy to read the Bible, too lazy to pray, too lazy to tarry before God, then you become a slave to lying prophets. Jesus warned us that many false prophets shall rise, not “may”. It is certain.

Jesus also said they will show great signs and wonders.

Listen very carefully. Moses stood by that rock and the Israelites cried “Give us water” and the Lord said “speak to the rock” and instead of doing so, he smote the rock in anger and said “ye rebels, must we bring water out of the rock for you?”

Moses acted in rebellion and in disobedience to God and yet there was a miracle. All over the world, there are false prophets, teaching people things that will double the children of hell fire. I really feel sorry for you if you are a member of MFM which is a do-it-yourself ministry and you are still in the cage of lying prophets. Can prophets tell lies to people? Can prophets be deceived? The book of Ezekiel tells us yes. Prophets can be programmed to tell you lies. It is very possible. Remember the story of Ahab. 400 prophets deceived him. Only one prophet said “King, if you go, you are not coming back”.
The King got angry.

The prophet said “King, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these your 400 prophets. They are all telling you lies”. The head of the prophets got angry and gave Micaiah a slap. The man did not answer. He said “do not worry, you will see on that day when you will hide in your bedroom”. And the King said “lock him up. Give him bread and water of affliction till I come back”. This prophet that they were dragging to jail looked back and said “hear me people! If the king goes and comes back in peace from this battle, then the Lord has not spoken by me”.

Ahab never came back from that battle. Someone was just shooting arrows randomly and one of those arrows hit him and that was what killed him.

If you are here and listening to me, you have someone you are consulting apart from your Bible, apart from the Holy Spirit, know very well that if God sees that you have the heart of a prostitute.

He will program lies into the mouths of those your prophets and they will deceive you, and there is a problem.

But who is a prophet? Who does the Bible describe as a prophet?

  • a man or woman with insight into the will and purposes of God.
  • an oracle of Jehovah. You can call him a divine mouthpiece.
  • the voice of God in warning, rebuking, in correction.
  • a man with his head in heaven.
  • he foretells events.
  • he sees into the Spirit.
  • basically a spokesman for God.
  • a role model of holiness.
  • a role model of closeness to God.

It is in this generation you find a prophet coming to the television and saying “I am a prophet. I have seven wives. I am planning to marry number eight. The more I marry, the more the power increases”. And you see people still sitting down in those churches. It is here you find prophets in the church caught in the hotel sleeping with a church member, return to the pulpit of that church and tell the members that it is the grace of God and they all sit down there, not knowing that they are inside the cage of false prophets.

I want you to understand that witches, wizards, sorcerers, magicians have been rebranded and repackaged to suit the tastes of the modern man. It is the witch doctors of those days who look dirty, unkempt and live in a shrine or hut. These days, you have people with three piece suits and their oracle is inside their suit. They have swallowed their altars.

The prophets of Jehovah:

  • will receive dreams and prophets from the Lord and will be 100% accurate.
  • will not be giving any revelation that is contrary to scriptures. This is a serious matter.
    I know the struggles, the prayers, the vigils, the fasting I have to enter into on behalf of so many people after leaving that kingdom or getting them after the cage of the lying prophets.

I am praying for somebody here: if a prophet has messed up your life, recover your destiny, in the name of Jesus.

They take people to streams and bathe them there.

They will throw people’s clothes into the river and this is a very serious problem and it is happening everyday.

How can a minister ask his members to be carrying snakes and say it is because the Bible says “you shall take up serpents and they shall not hurt you”? How can a pastor ask his members to lie down on the floor and start trampling on their heads one by one?

Where is that in the Bible? They ask people to bring water to church and keep it on the altar for seven days and come and pick it up later.

Where is that in the Bible?
They tell their members to wear particular colours on different Sundays. Where is that in the Bible?

Anywhere someone is looking for ministerial power without paying the price, he is knocking on the door of false prophets.

Where is it in the Bible that a prophet has to shave off all his hair and pubic hair?

Where is it in the Bible that a prophet should put incisions on his body?

Where is it in the Bible that someone who calls himself a prophet drinks alcohol to stupor on the streets?

Where is it in the Bible that a pastor will prepare herbal concoctions, bring it to church and force people to drink it?

There is a rage of prophets on the streets to destroy totally. And like I have said before, those key questions are important: “who is your father in the Lord?” “In which church did you get born again?” “Can you tell us your salvation experience?” Once they can not tell you any of these things or you cannot trace their history to anywhere, then you are looking at a false prophet. There are so many people who have been deceived, some are even still being deceived. Many young ladies have lost their virginity in the house of false prophets.

And these days, you can see a new trend. People are far more ready to preach love than preach judgment. When somebody preaches ONLY the love of God, that is heresy. He gives a distorted picture of God. God does nothing which is unnecessary. God and man were friends before. Then everything changed when sin came in. That sin had to be punished, and that had to take place. God saw that people will choose rebellion forever. He saw that some people will choose to be married to the devil forever. So He provided a place called hellfire for them to go to. It was needed.

Jesus said it is there. How can you call yourself a follower of Jesus and you do not warn people that there is hell fire? I am before you this morning, telling you that more than anything in your spiritual life, you must grow. If you do not grow, the enemy will deal with you.


  • They tell people what they want to hear.
  • They present the truth mixed with errors.
  • They exploit the Biblical illiteracy of people.
  • They major on extra Biblical teachings and revelations.
  • they downplay anything that has to do with judgment.
  • they have no mentor or father.
  • they enslave people.
  • they produce very strange disciples.
  • they teach hell fast tracking doctrines.
  • they throw the truth out of the window and preach the untruth. These days they do messages on the streets. It is called “message of grace”. And so many pastors are preaching it to young people and destroying their lives. They are painting God in a picture that is not in the Bible? The Bible says “Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” The Bible says “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

This new message says “do not worry, nobody is going to heaven, there is no mansion there. If you forget to pray, do not worry. No need for deliverance. If you dream and you are fed in the dream, ask them next time to make it a three course meal. You fall into sin? Do not worry, just say ‘Father I am sorry, cover me with your grace’ and that is okay.” That is always what is happening on the streets now; destroying young people. My fear is that when they have thoroughly destroyed these young people, they are still going to increase the labour of the Prayer City deliverance ministers when they get older.

Those that have been listening to such messages, I make bold to say that they are from false prophets. Bottom line: you must grow. You have to grow. If you do not grow, the enemy will make you a slave. You must dip yourself into the Word of God, into your Bible, and into prayer. This is a do-it-yourself ministry, learn how to do things yourself. Do not handover the control of your life to any human being. It is when you handover your life as a slave, that they manipulate you.

I am praying once again, that anyone who has been manipulated during their period of ignorance by false prophets, receive your deliverance now, in the name of Jesus.

[Before Message]

  1. Powers monitoring my breakthroughs in the dream, die! in the name of Jesus.
  2. Masquerade of death in my family line, I am not your candidate, die in the name of Jesus.

[After Message]

  1. Occultic powers, assigned against my life, die in the name of Jesus.
  2. Satanic visions, satanic prophecies, against my life, die in the name of Jesus.

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