Sokale by Grace Idowu ~ lyrics

Sokale by Grace Idowu ~ lyrics

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Sokale by Grace Idowu ~ lyrics

Solo 1
Your name is the greatest name above
Greatest name that everybody knows
All of creations know that you are God
For all the great things that you have done
Yes I will shout, and I will give you praise, with lifted hands
I will worship you, yes, I will shout, with my hands lifted
Your name be glorified, your name be glorified
Oh Lord! I’ll give you praise, all of my praise

Oluwa there’s nothing I can do without you
Definitely, still, nothing I can do without you
Sokale waah (Sokale was oh) soka lee wa Jesu
Wabami gbe! Wabami gbeeeh!

Repeat Chorus

Solo 2
When I think of all your goodness
Your love, your mercies
You gave yourself for me
Yes you died on the cross
Who am I to deserve all of your favour good God
Why won’t I shout your name?
Why won’t I lift you up?
Oh Lord I’ll give you praise
All of my praise

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All creations bow before your throne
And all the nations praise your holy name
Nations rise to praise your holy name
Everlasting father (Everlasting father), Great God

Chorus (2x)

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