Hagious ~ Ward :: Song Lyrics

I’m a patient but I still dey for the reception room
The receptionist never still reception me
Ward ehh
Patiently I’m waiting
Ward ehh ehh…

Sometimes I wish that I could be a better person
You know win souls each time they play my music
Revealing Jesus as I dey explain the mysteries
Let them understand the pathway
Find relieve as them dey hear the rhythm
But, I find it hard to run from my pain
Even my mistakes dey close to me like we be mate
I understand the more you the more you stand your ground
And so I pray to understand
And know the God I rap about
Cus these days lyrics dey fail me
And even when I try meditate
My thoughts they scare me
The things I think about
No dey relate to the real me
And when I try to fix things
I miss it so tell me
What am I missing?
Who am I supposed to listen to?
Everybody’s got a different time
They’ve got a different clue
Yeah we all see the picture
But we’ve got a different view
Now you see the truth is hard to tell
When there’s a different crew
The stairs are hard to climb
We copy and paste
Hoping to get a different sound
But I know the true vine
His root no dey touch the sand
He’s the living word
His words no dey fall to the ground (ehh)
This live e be like basket ball
And everybody’s got a free throw
So pick the ball
Let’s see what you can do with your strength
Each time you fall
Cus how far you go depends on who they run the tour
Wining many souls
But they making many noise
They talk about the fame
But we talk about his blood
They celebrate the money
But we celebrate the cross
They said the God is many
But we said the God is Love
And His name is Jesus
Na him dey reign within us
Na him dey change the figures
Na him dey still redeem us
See us slaying demons
Yeah we’ve got them packing
See dem don they leave us (ehh)
Dem been they kill my vibe
Dem been want delay my time
My battery dun they die
Mehn I need a place to charge
I’m going to his psych ward
He needs to fix my mind
Na who be the doctor?
Na JESUS be the Guy
So I’ll be living believing
That Christ is the key to my heavenly city
Tell it to the street that JESUS never knows defeat
He’s still the reason why we’re living here
Healing and bringing Deliverance here
We enter the realm of the spirit from here
Let them know the definition of where we come from
Is more than the synagogue no be from here (ehh)

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That wasn’t that hard right
I’m so sure you got that
Zee zee Hagious
J.E.S.U.S we’re representing you know

I’m a patient but I still dey for the reception room
The receptionist never still reception me
Ward ehh
Patiently am waiting
Ward (ehh)
Enough Grace is the team people

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