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Atinileyin loje o,
atinileyin loje ko ju matini atinileyin loje o
Apata Igbala, Our shield,
The rock of our salvation
With you we shall overcome

Verse 1
Baye ba ko wa iwo labo wa beniyan ba ko wa
Iwo o le fi wa sile, God is our strength we will not fail
We shall say it is well with our soul.

Verse 2
Jesus has overcome he watches over us
He is our shield, our love and light
In spite of all events, situations and circumstances
We shall all say it is well with our soul

With you we shall overcome
Aduro tini lojo ogun le
Egbe leyin onigbagbo
Ati da segun loruko jesu
Oluwa lo todimu lo jo gbogbo o
Ifeoluwa o yi waka
Ati da wa lare loruko Jesu
With you we shall overcome
With you we shall overcome

Word – Sometimes we feel helpless and lifeless when it seems all hope is lost let these sympathy words be one to offer comfort, thoughts and condolence.

In Your Presence Lyrics By: Wisdom K.

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