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Verse 1
You are God of all the universe
Grace and mercy flows from your throne
You’re a wonder to humanity
And a wonder to the world…….
The things you do amaze me
Hopeless cases are reviving
No one has met you and remain the same
You’re the joy to our world…

Your glory fills all the earth
Creation speaks of all your greatness
Lord I’ve been longing for your power
I need your touch x2

Verse 2
I walk by faith in the holy ghost
In Jesus name l shall move mountains
Possessing gates of every city
By the spirit of God


Oh oh oh oh oh (x3)
I need your touch
A touch to my life
A touch to my destiny
A touch to my spirit, body and soul
I need a touch
A touch to our homes
A touch to our families
A touch to our spirit, body and soul
I need a touch

Make some noise
Shout it loud
Sound of victory
Oh oh oh uh
I need yeah
A touch to the world
Heal our land
A touch to our spirit body and soul
I need a touch
Oh oh oh oh…oh oh oh oh…oh oh oh oh oh.
.l need your touch uh uh uh uh

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