Daily Gospel Song Lyrics – By Jlyricz FT. Hassel


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Daily Gospel Song Lyrics – By Jlyricz FT. Hassel


It’s a privilege to be the son of my Father
All I need are supplied according to His riches in glory
Haahhhahaa Oooooh!
O gozirim agozi…. (8x)
O gozirim agozi iiiiiii…. (4x)


Nothing you can tell me
My Father is the greatest
I live for Your glory and I thank You for the blessings
Blessings on blessings
Blessings on blessings on blessings

Hey ready get set get go
Baba God dey bless me (on a daily, daily)
I no fit express it (how e dey do me do me)
Your grace and your mercy (na e dey keep me, keep me)
So I go praise you (on a daily, daily, daily) (2x)
Thank You for Your blessings (2x)

I’m grateful I can see today
Some were my mates but passed away
It’s not because I am worthy
Lord I thank You for the honour
My life’s a happy shower
Salute to my General!
My Commander my Marshal
The One’s been keeping me
My Friend and my Father
You are the One I’m trusting, the devil can’t do nothing, though he tries but Him no fit stop me

Take Over {Gospel Lyrics} - Fortune Nat

Hmmm I am Hassel
God has given us eternal life
Found this life in his son
Lost ur way on that jolly ride
Still he says u the one.
U been worried for the bills right
God is telling u Shalom
Mercy comes for the bad guys
There’s a cure for the sad life

Blessing is all that the father gives
Salvation is real coz the Saviour lives
All that we need is supplied in Him
Nothing is better than Christ Within

In him I stand better uh
Blossom as I’m watered uh
Tell u Christ is the reason I flourish
I win coz I got the seal

Nzoputa n’dum bu ngozi’m
Ngozi di ni me ofu onye bu Jesu
Enwerem ngozi n’ile di nime Jesu no man can cut it off.
Amo Jesu so aye Ole oo
Ola Jesu lo mu wa duro oo
Jesu Folajimi, I am the evidence
I got a Saviour who’s ever sure.

O gozirim agozi….

Halla Your Name - Joulez Alton

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